Sneha Karma Foundation

Help us, Help Them. We are committed to making a difference !!!

Sneha Karma Foundation

Help Us, Help Them. We are committed to making a Difference !!!


Our Vision

About Us


All Human being are born free with equal rights. Thanks to ways of the Human society, Most of the Human population is deprived of this birthright.

Sneha Karma Foundation believes in offering a helping hand to as many people as possible to help them get their birthright back.

It a big mission to have, for a small not-for-profit organization but we do believe in the power of Humanity. We believe that it is in Human nature to help the needy. All that is needed is to help connect the needy with the ones who can help.

We call this coming together of kind-hearted people to help the needy as ’Sneha Karma’ (Deeds of the Heart). Come join us !!!


Support-A-Girl  Program

Support-A-Girl Program

Support-A-Girl is our flagship program which does not only include the financial support needed to support the education of the Gharbhanga Forest Village girls but also their accommodation, healthcare, clothing and other needs.

The Goal of this program is ensure that we support the girls until they well settled in their professional life and are able to live their lives freely and independently.

contact us for more details or how you can get involved.


Skills Development Academy Program

Skills Development Academy Program

Not every child who completes high school education wants to go to college to become a engineer or doctor. Also, if the kids were to just graduate from college, it does not guarantee employment.

To ensure that these kids can become independent, it is important that we train them with skills that will give them an opportunity to pursue the dreams of their life.

We hence initiated a program to setup a Skills Development Academy in Guwahati, Assam, India. We are currently in the planning phase of this program.

contact us for more details of the program or how you can get involved in it.

Social Enterprise Program

Social Enterprise Program

Artisans in the rural regions produce some amazing goods. Unfortunately, they are forced to give up on their generations old trade because the are unable to find a marketplace for their produce and hence unable to earn a livelihood.

Our vision is to setup a ‘Social Enterprise’ which will be a ‘Not-For-Profit’ part of Sneha Karma Foundation. The idea here is to self-fund this ‘Social Enterprise’ once it is setup and it should eventually be able to even fund some of our other programs.

contact us for more details of this program or how you can get involved in it.

Get Involved


Money is not the only support we need. Infact, the more urgent need we have is for volunteers who can take on leadership role and help us mobilize all the resources that we already have.

Here is just a list of some of the volunteering opportunities that we currently have :

  • Website Content Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Videographer / Video Production Specialist
  • Fundraising Campaign Manager
  • Corporates Philanthropy Relationship Program Manager
  • Grants Program Manager
  • Certified CPA (Quickbooks Online)
  • Donors Management System Manager
  • Volunteers Activity Program Manager

The above are just some of the opportunities that we have open. For a more complete and upto date list – visit our organization pages at

Please contact us for more details on any of the volunteering opportunities or to just offer your time and we will put it to the right use 🙂


Sneha Karma Foundation is a California based, USA registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit. All your donations are 100% Tax Exempt.

You can make a generous contribution using any one of the following methods :

* Click here to donate through Paypal Giving Funds (Preferred)
– Why ‘Paypal Giving Funds’ ? They do not charge us or you a any fee 🙂
– Paypal does not charge any of us a fee, because we are part of their Non-Profit Program
You will need a Paypal Account

* Personal Check 
– Make your check payable to ‘Sneha Karma Foundation’
– Mail your check to ‘6359 Prospect Rd, San Jose, CA 95129

Click here to donate using the Donate button on our Facebook Page
– Facebook for Non-Profit charges us a discounted 5% transaction / processing fee.
– If you do not have a Paypal Account and prefer to pay by credit card, then use this method.

If you are unable to donate using any of the above methods, please send us an email to and we will suggest alternative ways for you to donate.



We are located at :
Sneha Karma Foundation
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Phone – 650 450 0509
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