My First Visit to Gharbhanga

//My First Visit to Gharbhanga

During my stay at Parijat Academy, I was introduced to a few children there, among them were kids, from what I was told were a village called ‘Gharbhanga’. The fact that I was born and brought up in India, I was very familiar with the concept of people from small villages coming to the city for better quality of education. So, I was not surprised with what I had heard.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that these kids did not only wake up very early in the morning and attended school very seriously but they also helped out not only in the school upkeep but also in the house work of the ‘Parijat Academy’

At this stage, I think I should give a little more context about ‘Parijat Academy’. Parijat Academy was created by a kind-hearted Philanthropist called ‘Uttam Teron’ by personally taking on the challenge of not only providing full-time tutoring to 8 kids from the ‘Forest village’ of ‘Gharbhanga’ but also providing them food and accommodation. For all practical purposes, he had almost adopted these kids and was taking care of them as a parent. During my stay at Parijat, I did not for once feel that these kids from Gharbhanga were not a part of Uttamji’s family.

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