Visit to Assam in 2012-2013

//Visit to Assam in 2012-2013

I know it is not a good thing to edit a blog in production but we are working on the next version of the website and I would rather build out the content rather than spend time in building out yet another environment for blog creation :-). I am just dumping my thoughts here…later will try and move the content into their respective blogs to make it flow better…apologies in advance…

We (as Human) always have a desire to give-back to the community, to mother nature, to everyone that we think we are able to give something to.  Unfortunately we get trapped in something called “Life” and are unable to prioritize the desire to help into an action. The desire at times continues to live within us as a wish until we are able to really make it a priority.

I too got trapped in something called “Life” until around 2008, when I was able to really prioritize my desire to ‘Give Back’ into action. Even after beginning to prioritize it, It took me more than 3 years to really turn it into action. During these 3 years, I am internally trying to figure out what is it that I can really give back. How can I make the biggest impact. what is the end vision. I started jotting down a lot of my thoughts. revising them as I started gaining more and more of my understanding. No, It was not as simple as creating a Vision, Strategy, Execution Priorities and defining metrics. It was really about understanding the problems at the grassroot level, what is the root cause of them, so on and so forth. I will probably write a blog about how we arrived at the vision / mission of Sneha Karma Foundation.

Let us go back to the action I did to get myself seriously started in the area of ‘Philanthropy’. I signed up for a ‘volunteering assignment’ through International Volunteering HQ (IVHQ).  I picked the destination as Cuzco, Peru. I always had a desire to help the people who were closer to ‘Nature’ than the materialist world. I should probably write up another blog about my ‘Peru Calling Trip’ in 2011. I will focus this blog on my Philanthropy effort and how the learning’s helped me setup ‘Sneha Karma Foundation’ in 2015. My assignment in Cuzco was of 2 weeks duration. I had signed up ‘To Educate’. Day-1 of my assignment, I realized that I had kids in the room from the age of 8 to adults of 45 years old in the room. I was puzzled. That is yet again I realized that ‘Learning’ has no age limit. My students were people who were in the room to learn ‘Conversational English’. They wanted to learn ‘conversational english’ because these people were ‘tour guides’ by the day and they needed to know English so that they can do a better job at providing the ‘tour guide service’. It directly impacted their lively.  Maybe somewhere deep within me a seed was sown that having the required skills is equally important as academic education if not more.

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