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Sneha Karma is a non profit dedicated to the cause of uplifting underprivileged girls. Sneha means friendship and karma refers to the result of one’s actions. Sneha Karma is the care and well-being resulting from the deeds of people like us. Sneha Karma Foundation is a United States registered 501c(3) non-profit organization started in 2016 by a philanthropist in CA who wanted to create an avenue to give back to the community and provide platform for underprivileged girls to have better life. The organization is built on core values like women empowerment, girls’ rights in India, gender equity, shared social responsibility and operational transparency.

We support the cause of providing a better quality of life for underprivileged girls by equipping them with education as well as adaptive and practical skills they can leverage to avail employment opportunities. Without the support of a socially responsible community to steer them in the right direction, these girls fall victim to misconduct and primeval social practices. Currently, Sneha Karma Foundation supports education of 12 girls, who are enrolled in our program. With your support, we hope to save more girls from social malpractices and provide an opportunity to a better life.

What makes us stand out?

1.    Our core values

Sneha Karma Foundation is built on three core values:

·      Women empowerment: Through initiatives like ‘Support-A-Girl Program’, ‘Skills Development Program’ and ‘Social Enterprise Program’, we ensure that we can support the girls and equip them with skills through which they can avail employment opportunities, thus providing them a chance towards a better life.

·      Girls’ rights in India: In certain parts of India, a girl child faces discrimination in accessing resources and facilities due to economic conditions and primeval social beliefs. At Sneha Karma Foundation, we are tapping into these parts of the society to extend equitable opportunities to girls from economically weaker backgrounds.

·      Gender equity: Our aim is to uphold fairness in opportunity to girls from underprivileged sectors of the society by providing them access to education and skills through which they can become independent, empowered citizens.

·      Shared social responsibility: We believe that every person who cares can become a change agent in driving the mission to fruition. We value our team, sponsors, donors, volunteers and well-wishers as the collective force responsible for driving this much-needed social impact.

·      Operational transparency: At Sneha Karma, we offer 100% operational transparency. Organizationally, we strive to keep our operating costs low to ensure your entire donation amount is utilized for the care of the girls. Operational costs at Sneha Karma are covered by the founder directly to ensure 100% of your donation reaches the person in need.

2.    100% of your donation reaches the person in need

Most non-profits have very high operating costs resulting in a significant portion of your donations being used to recover these costs. At Sneha Karma Foundation, we operate at less than 10% operating cost which is funded by the founder member directly. This implies that 100% of your donation amount goes to help and support the people in need.

All Donors will receive a receipt from us immediately after you complete your donations. All USA Based donors can claim 100% deduction on your Tax Returns. Our Charity ID / Tax Exemption Number / EIN # is 47-3774368

3.    No intermediaries, no third-parties, full transparency

We work directly with the under-privileged girls to sponsor their education without having any other nonprofits or go-in-between agencies involved. Our Volunteers are in direct touch with the girls in the program on a regular basis to understand their needs and support them. We even interact periodically with the parents of these girls to ensure that they are re-assured that their girls are being well taken care-of.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Our Bridge # is 3280566456 . Click here to access our profile page on the Bridge website