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Every Organization has many assets. Our most valuable asset is our team of volunteers. Each one of them has spent countless hours of their most valuable time in helping us complete many of our capacity building projects as well as scaling our ongoing programs. طريقة لعب البولينج

Here are some members of our Valuable Team of Volunteers….

Celeste Estrella
Celeste EstrellaSKF Ambassador
In 2018, Celeste joined us a ‘Program Manager’ volunteer and helped us build our ‘Grantors’ database, Celeste is now a SKF Ambassador
Dharti Arora
Dharti Arora.
Akshita Banthia
Akshita Banthia
Snehal Kalele
Snehal KaleleSKF Ambassador
Snehal joined our Graphics Designing Team of volunteers. she helped us design graphics for our website redesign effort in Oct 2017. Since March 2019, she is now a SKF Ambassador.
Harishraj Shetty
Harishraj ShettySKF Ambassador
Harishraj joined us as a volunteer in 2018 and helped us with multiple projects. Since March 2019, He is now a SKF Ambassador.
Lam Phan
Lam PhanSKF Ambassador
Lam joined us as a ‘Graphic Designer’ volunteer in 2018. All the Banners that you see on the current website are thanks to his amazing work. داني الفس He is now a SKF Ambassador.

and many many more (need to work on getting their permission and add them here 😛 ) …Thank You, Ambassadors !!!

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