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“ When you buy a product made by an Artisan, you are showing respect for quality, skill and uniqueness besides the fact that you are saving them and their loved ones from becoming homeless”

About Us

Sneha Karma Foundation is a USA based 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization focusing on projects in India.

Our Vision
Our Vision is to build an ecosystem which will enable the under privileged girls to get an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. We are committed to support them until they become independent and self-empowered.

Title of the Role
Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) Specialist

About the Role
We are looking for a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist to join our team of volunteers. The SEO will be responsible for analyzing, reviewing and implementing changes to our website so they are optimized for search engines. سعر اشتراك اليورو ٢٠٢١

Volunteers Responsibilities
The volunteer will be responsible for managing Sneha Karma Foundation’s Organization Page, Manage our Linekdin account, our Network, Groups, etc. Required guidance will be provided on a ongoing basis.

Time Commitment
Per Week : Minimum 5 hours
Duration : Minimum 3 months

Position Type
Virtual – work from anywhere in the world at a time convenient to you 🙂

How to Apply 
You can apply for this position by completing the volunteer signup form (preferred) or by sending an email to [email protected]. If you apply by email, please include all the information requested on the volunteer signup form. العاب كوتشينة

Frequently Asked Questions