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Even though Sneha Karma Foundation was only recently registered as a Non-Profit in the USA, we believe in operating the non-profit with total transparency. We believe in sharing all the financial details with our donors, volunteers and public in general. We believe in holding ourselves accountable to ensure that the maximum portion of the donations received by us, go towards helping the needy through our programs to ensure maximum impact. Feel free to go through our financials and reach out to us if you have any questions or need any additional information.

As you can tell, more than 90% of our planned spend was invested in ‘Program’ related expenses…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you not been helping more girls with all the money that you have available ?2017-12-04T04:56:07+00:00
  • The need on the ground is much more than what we as an organization can afford to support.

  • We plan our spend for the next fiscal year (calendar year) based on the fund that we have collected by the end of October in the current year. This ensure that we know the funds that we will need the following year and also plan for incremental expansion.

  • We are careful not to expand the scope of our current programs or roll-out our programs to new sites in year, unless we feel confident that we will be able to meet the financial needs consistently year-after-year. Our programs require that kind of a commitment and we are committed to the girls that we support through our organization.

Does Sneha Karma allow me to monitor my contributions?2017-12-04T04:57:26+00:00
  • We believe that all our donors, volunteers and supporters must be informed about Sneha Karma and its activities. This includes information about money raised, spent, disbursed to projects. We declare our financial results to everybody through our Annual Reports and publish our accounts on our website for public viewing.
  • We report on the progress of supported Projects and achievements through Facebook page, Website, Blogs and Newsletters regularly. Details of supported Projects are also available on our website at all times
How does Sneha Karma raise funds in the US?2017-12-04T04:59:34+00:00

Sneha Karma partners with individuals, networks, corporations and foundations to raise funds. Some key fund-raising strategies include email newsletters, tele-calling, events and promoting the organization through our website.

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