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  • At Sneha Karma Foundation, we believe in creating peoples’ movements to make a lasting difference to underprivileged girls.

  • We believe that each of us, as individuals and organizations, can contribute. All it takes is the belief that “Change is possible, because I’ll make it possible”.

  • Sneha Karma Foundation’s strength lies in our supporter base – volunteers, donors, project partners and the media who have come together to help us make the difference.

  • Experience has shown us that when ordinary people – people like you and me – join hands, there is no problem that we can’t overcome and no task that is too difficult.

  • Join the movement – become a supporter and spread the word about Sneha Karma Foundation to your friends, colleagues and relatives through Social Media, Events and other avenues.​

Be Our Ambassador

We know that it is not always possible to ‘Donate Money’ and/or ‘Volunteer’ but we do believe that even Human wishes to do a good deeds, all the time.

You can start doing good deeds right away by becoming a ‘Sneha Karma Foundation’ ambassador. You can become our ambassador without even telling us that you are one by simplying doing the following :

  • ​”Liking” our Facebook Page
  • “Sharing” our Facebook Post on your Facebook Wall
  • “Inviting” your Friends to “Donate”, “Volunteer” or simply “Become our Ambassadors”

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