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“ When you buy a product made by an Artisan, you are showing respect for quality, skill and uniqueness besides the fact that you are saving them and their loved ones from becoming homeless”

About Us
Sneha Karma Foundation is a USA based 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization focusing on projects in India. Our Vision is to build an ecosystem which will enable the under privileged girls to get an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. We are committed to supporting them until they become independent and self-empowered.

Title of the Role
Newsletter Program Manager for a Non-Profit Organization

About the Role
Our Newsletter Program has the following objective
1. Keeping our Donors informed about how their hard earned money is making a difference
2. Keeping our Volunteers informed about how their hard work is helping and other open opportunities
3. Motivating other subscribers to donate or join us as a volunteer

Volunteers Responsibilities
The Newsletter Program Manager will be responsible for the following :
1. Creating / Maintaining the Mailing List ( Donors, Volunteers, Others)
2. Collating content and formatting it for each of the newsletters
3. Managing review/edit cycles of the newsletter with core team
4. Managing the Test run of the newsletter
5. Sending out Newsletter (using mailchimp)
6. Managing un-subscribers and cleaning up the mailing list

The Final Mailing list will be maintained in mailchimp but is integrated with salesforce for new donors / volunteers and other contacts.

Time Commitment
60 hours in 90 days

Position Type

How to Apply 
You can apply for this position by completing the volunteer signup form (preferred) or by sending an email to [email protected]. If you apply by email, please include all the information requested on the volunteer signup form.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am in-between jobs, not sure when I will get my next job but I have time now. should i apply to volunteer ?2017-12-24T17:02:25+00:00

Absolutely, Yes. More than 50% of our volunteers join us when they are in this situation but they then stay on as a volunteer even after they get a full-time job. We have all been in such situations and can completely understand that you might need to go back to focus on your new job for a few months before you come back to contribute as a part-time volunteer.

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