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Here is a list of some of our current and very active volunteers…It is amazing how each one of them makes time in their busy schedule to help give back to the community….We could not be doing what we are doing, without the selfless and thankless contributions!

Mayuri Patel
Mayuri PatelUI / UX Designer
Mayuri joined us as a UI/UX Designer in October 2018. She has help us with multiple projects. She played a key role in the UI/UX design of the initial launch of our E-commerce website – https://store.snehakarma.org
Mridula Velagapudi
Mridula VelagapudiSocial Media Marketing Specialist
Mridula joined our team of volunteers in October 2018. She leads all our ‘Social Media Marketing’ efforts. It is thanks to all her effort that we have been able to stay very active in our communication with our patrons through all our Social Media platforms ( FB, Linkedin, Instagram, etc).
Pavithra PonnuSwamy
Pavithra PonnuSwamySocial Enterprise Program Manager
Pavithra joined our team of volunteers in January 2019. She has played a significant role in the initial launch of our E-Commerce website – https://store.snehakarma.org/
Sarah Nylund
Sarah NylundAmbassador Program Lead
Sarah joined our team of volunteers in January 2019 as a lead of our ‘Ambassador Program’. It is thanks to her efforts that we have been able to successfully launch the ‘Ambassador’ program.

Here are some members of volunteers, who have contributed significantly in the past…We are so proud of each one of them. Some of them have now joined our ‘Ambassador’ program and do become active volunteers from time-to-time 🙂

Amar Vikash
Amar VikashUX Designer
Amar was part of our team of volunteers who helped re-design our website in Oct 2017. We created a few prototypes and also help with the development of a few web pages.
Audry Zhang
Audry ZhangGrant Writer
Audry joined our team of Grants Program Manager. She helped reach out to a few of our shortlisted foundations and performed research on the process for grant application.

Celeste Estrella
Celeste EstrellaProgram Manager
Celeste lead the Grants Program effort and created a Grants Database that we as a Non-Profit based in the USA doing work in India can apply to.
Kaveri Bhartia
Kaveri BhartiaFB Page Manager
Our Facebook Page Manager is part of our Social Media Team of volunteers, who regularly makes post on our FB page to keep our patrons informed.

Lina Santacoloma
Lina SantacolomaSEO Analyst
Lina from Colombia is an integral part of our SEO Team. As a SEO analyst, she is responsible for creating and implementing SEO as part of our audience awareness campaigns.
Snehal Kalele
Snehal KaleleGraphics Designer
Snehal joined our Graphics Designing Team of volunteers. she helped us design graphics for our website redesign effort in Oct 2017 and also help us develop a few of the webpages.
Subi Naga
Subi NagaAdwords Specialist
Subi played a leadership role in helping setup our Google Adwords Account. She also help doing a lot of research in India for our Social Enterprise Program
Vedrana Pantic
Vedrana PanticCSR Program Manager
Vedrana is part of our team of volunteers who manage our relationship with various corporations and ensure we are part of their social responsibility program.
Vrinda Vijayan
Vrinda VijayanProgram Manager
Vrinda is a member of our program site volunteers team. She co-ordinates and oversees the implementation of our various program at Garbhanga / Parijat Academy program site.

and many many more…Thank You, Team !!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the volunteers get paid for their contributions ?2017-11-25T18:10:25+00:00

No. We are ever so grateful to all our volunteers for donating their time and skills to Sneha Karma Foundation.

What is the eligiblity criteria for becoming a volunteer ?2017-12-27T15:05:37+00:00

Firstly, Thank you for considering donating your time and Thank you for considering us as a organization where you would like to volunteer.

Every virtual volunteering job that we currently have open, requires a minimum of 4 hours per week of volunteers time. Please review the list of ‘virtual volunteering

Our Onsite volunteering assignment are more time intensive. They require some preparation time and also some dedicated onsite time. we recommend you visit our ‘onsite volunteering‘ page for more details.

It is completely understandable that you might not be able to commit to the minimum time required for virtual volunteering or the dedicated time required for onsite volunteering. We have many other volunteer programs available such as ‘Raise Funds‘ and/or ‘Be Our Ambassador‘ for individuals who might not be in a position to make time commitments and would yet like to contribute to our cause.

If none of these options work for you but you have an idea on how you can help us, please contact us and we will take it from there 🙂

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