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In a Developing country like India, having good quality education and deep expertise skills in any particular area (weaving, sewing, pottery, jewelry making, etc ) is of little value unless one can earn a livelihood using the education and the acquired skills which will eventually lead to the project of women empowerment in India.

In a developing country like India, the unemployment rate is alarmingly high.  In some parts of India, it is more than 25% of the adult population which is eligible for working is unemployed. Some of this unemployed population is well educated and well skilled and yet they are unable to find employment or earn a livelihood through self-employment.

Unfortunately, these people do not have the required financial support to start their small business and even the ones that have borrowed money to start their own business are struggling to survive since they do not have a marketplace to sell their produce. These highly skilled artisans are shutting down the business due to losses incurred in the business and are looking for employment.

In the absence of being able to find work, they are resorting to illegal means of making money (to save themselves and their families from starving) or committing suicide (since they are unable to live a helpless life anymore.

Artisans in the rural regions produce some amazing goods. Unfortunately, they are forced to give up on their generations old trade because the are unable to find a marketplace for their produce and hence unable to earn a livelihood.

Skills Development in a developing country like India is as important if not more than academic education. Possessing Skills (Expertise) is the key to ensure that you are able to get employment or even self-employing yourself.

Our ‘Social Enterprise Program’ ensures the following:

  • Opportunity to be self-employed
  • Be Independent and Self Empowered
  • Work in a Progressive Environment
    • Gender Equality
    • No Child Marriage
    • No Exploitation
    • Social Challenges

Our vision is to help create a market place for these goods in regions which are more financially secure (such as developed countries), where people would buy these goods/services knowing that this would help the needy.

Our vision is to setup a ‘Social Enterprise’ which will be a ‘Not-For-Profit’ part of Sneha Karma Foundation. The idea here is to self-fund this ‘Social Enterprise’ once it is setup and it should eventually be able to even fund some of our other programs.

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