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Sneha Karma Foundation is  a USA registered 501c(3) nonprofit organization based in California, USA. It was founded by a person just like you who wanted to give back to the community but always disappointed to find out that more often than not, very little of the donation amount reached the actual needy person. Most of the Non-Profits that are out there have a very high operating cost. We currently operate at less than 10% operating cost and even that is funded by the founder member directly.  So 100% of your donation amount goes to help and support the needy.

All Donors will receive a receipt from us immediately after you complete your donations. All USA Based donors can claim 100% deduction on your Tax Returns. Our Charity ID / Tax Exemption Number / EIN # is 47-3774368

We work directly with the under-privileged girls without having any other nonprofits or go-in-between agencies involved. Our Volunteers are in direct touch with the girls in the program on a daily basis to understand their needs and support them. We even interact periodically with the parents of these girls to ensure that they are re-assured that their girls are being well taken care-of.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Our Bridge # is 3280566456 . Click here to access our profile page on the Bridge website