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Our Vision is to build an ecosystem that will enable under privileged girls to get equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. We are committed to supporting the girls through academic education, skills training and professional development until they become independent and self-empowered.

We, at Sneha Karma Foundation strongly believe that under-privileged girls lack equal opportunity due to which they are deprived of self-confidence and enterprising ability. We believe that once these girls are given equal opportunity, they will carve out the right path to success for themselves. With the right education and training sponsorship, we believe that these girls will become independent and self-empowered to the point that they will then help others who are deprived of equal opportunity and become contributing citizens of the Sneha Karma Foundation ecosystem.

Through extensive research on understanding the root causes for under-privileged girls not getting equal opportunities, we have designed 3 Programs that address the root causes, thereby enabling the girls in these programs to avail equal opportunities to become independent and self-empowered. 

Our Vision is to make Sneha Karma Foundation become independent and self-funded by 2030. We believe that our third program (Social Enterprise) has the potential to not only help the under privileged girls enrolled with us to obtain employment but also fund our other two programs (Support-A-Girl and Skills Development). With your support, we are confident that we can attain our goals quicker.

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