Help setup Handlooms for underprivileged Woman of Garbhanga Forest Village, Assam, India

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Let us provide an equal opportunity to the unprivileged un-educated woman of Garbhanga Forest Village

Until recently, the Girls of Garbhanga Forest village did not get an opportunity to get academic education and had no other choice but to get married at an early age, become home-makers and be dependent on their husband all their life. Most of these un-educated woman today,  live at the mercy of their husband and are often victims of social-abuse.

In an effort to give these woman, a chance to be come independent and self-empowered, Sneha Karma Foundation had decided to setup a ‘Social Enterprise’ center @ Parijat Academy in Guwahati, India. The setup of the ‘Social Enterprise’ initiative will be completed in multiple phases.





We are happy to announce that thanks to the support of patrons like you, we completed the first phase of the initiative in March 2019.  It included the setup of 4 handlooms and other required tools and machinery. The ‘Social Enterprise’ center was designed and built to be 100 ft x 30 ft, so as to provide for future expansion. The 4 handlooms will provide employment for 12 full-time weavers working in 3 shifts. This will not only directly help and support the household of these woman but indirectly also create livelihood opportunities for 25 other woman.


We are now working on phase-2 of our plan. We are looking to add another 4 handlooms to the ‘Social Enterprise’ Center. Setup of each handloom cost around USD $1000. We are hoping to add these handlooms by July 2019. This will create employment opportunities for another 12 under-privileged woman and help create livelihood opportunities for another 25 woman. This will collectively impact the lives of atleast 100 under-privileged people which includes children. This will ensure that the children of these woman will be able to go to school and the vicious cycle of poverty and exploitation will come to and end! But we cannot do it without your support



Remember, You are not just donating money but helping build an ecosystem which will enable the under privileged woman to become independent and self-empowered. The vision is that the profit from this social enterprise will also partly fund the future phases of this project and also some of the other programs of Sneha Karma Foundation.

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