In July 2019, Assam state in India was affected by worst they have seen in decades. 30 out of 33 state districts witnessed flooding. More than 50 lakh people were affected, more than 1.5 Lakh people moved to shelter camps and numerous lives lost. It is going to take years if not decades, to re-settle the under-privileged. No Government, Non-Profit Organization can do it alone. Let us all come together and do our bit…

More about the effects of this natural disaster can be seen here…please note : some of the content might be disturbing

As some of you might know, Assam has some of the biggest and best forest reserves in India. Unfortunately,  some of the worst effected were these forest reserves and the animals in them. Even the higher plains in these forest were submerged under water, so the animals had no higher plains to climb to for safety.

Some of the poorest of poor live in the forest regions of Assam, living under make shift houses – walls made of bamboo and tin roof. These houses were washed away within the first few days of the flooding, leaving the poor homeless. These people do farming in the forest land, now that land is under water and they have no place to do their farming and earn their livelihood.

It is not going to easy to re-settle these poorest of poor and No, just the government and local NGO cannot do it alone. These people need our help and we have a social responsibility to provide them the help. Let us contribute to the best of out ability to help out…

Sneha Karma Foundation works with local NGO in Assam. We will ensure that 100% of your contributions go to help the ones affected by these floods. If needed, we will also provide you proof of the families that were helped with your contribution!

Comments from Founder Member of Sneha Karma Foundation : Yes,  In the past, we have seen that there a lot of ‘not so good’ people take advantage of such situations (sad, but true) and collect donations in the name of helping the needy. This has in a long run impacted a common man’s thinking about donating to such causes. We want to re-assure our supporter, Sneha Karma Foundation will ensure that this does not happen with your contribution. We are a USA based 501c3 Non-Profit with a local chapter in Assam, India – Our volunteers are working directly with those impacted by these floods, so we can provide you the re-assurance that your hard earned money will go directly to help the needy!

More about Assam (Wiki Link) –

Let us help re-settle the under privileged…Donate Generously!

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