Based on the interaction with our patrons, we have found that some of them prefer to receive one comprehensive communication from us, which highlights the progress of our programs, our recent accomplishments, our current financial needs and the volunteering opportunities that are currently open. We serve this need of our patrons by sending out a once in a quarter newsletter. We highly encourage you to stay connected with us by subscribing to our newsletter by filling up the form below.

Newsletter Subscription Form

We are currently facing technical challenges with our newsletter form. Please send us an email at [email protected] with your subscription request.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to hearing from you.

Have a Question or Feedback ?2021-02-07T18:01:25+00:00

Please send an email to [email protected] with your question / feedback.

I plan to participate in an event ( marathon, run, walk, etc). I would like to raise funds and donate the collection to Sneha Karma Foundation. How can I do that ?2018-02-03T15:56:55+00:00

Simple. Just complete the form above. explaining the event you are participating in and how your family/ friends can support you by donating to the Sneha Karma Foundation.

If you do collect any offline contributions by check, please make sure follow the guidelines in the ‘Donate by Check’ page and ensure that the donor puts your name / cause in the memo field on the check. we will manually add it to your fund raiser within 24 hours of receiving the check, so that you fund raiser goal automatically reflect the offline contributions.

Did Sneha Karma Foundation pay to receive this award / recognition ?2018-01-06T02:08:54+00:00

The short answer is ‘No’

Every organization has is own criteria for providing ‘Awards’ and/or ‘Recognition’. Our Team of volunteers work with these organizations to provide them with the information they require, either on their website or make the information public on our website. We are proud of the word these organizations do (most of them are non-profits) and we are honored to receive the award / recognition from them.

How do I know that my contributions have reached the needy ?2017-12-27T04:00:11+00:00

We take the responsibility of ensuring that our donors contributions reach the needy very seriously.

To ensure total transparency, we publish our annual financial reports on our website.

Our top donors receive personalized report on a quarterly basis to provide insight into how their contributions are making a difference.

All our other donors and patrons receive a quarterly newsletter, which highlights the impact of their contributions.

We also make regular post on our Facebook page to keep our donors, volunteers and patrons informed.

what percentage of my donations will actually be used to help the needy ?2017-12-27T03:49:41+00:00

Unlike a lot of other Non-Profit organizations out there, we ensure that at least 90% (if not more) of your donations reach the needy.

Our Founder Member has pledged to pay for all operational cost of the Non-Profit to ensure that maximum percentage of the donors contributions can reach the needy.

I am in-between jobs, not sure when I will get my next job but I have time now. should i apply to volunteer ?2017-12-24T17:02:25+00:00

Absolutely, Yes. More than 50% of our volunteers join us when they are in this situation but they then stay on as a volunteer even after they get a full-time job. We have all been in such situations and can completely understand that you might need to go back to focus on your new job for a few months before you come back to contribute as a part-time volunteer.

How do you decide on the location for offering the programs ?2017-12-27T00:09:08+00:00

The short answer is that it mainly depends on the maximum impact we can have with our programs.

A more detailed response is that it depends on multiple factors, some of them are listed below
1. Government and other NGO Programs already working in the region
2. Socio-Economic conditions on the ground
3. Availability of Onsite Program Co-ordinator
4. Ability to interact directly with the Girls and their Parents
5. Sneha Karma Foundation Board Approval

If you would like to nominate / propose a location, Please do not hesitate to contact us

How does Sneha Karma raise funds in the US?2017-12-04T04:59:34+00:00

Sneha Karma partners with individuals, networks, corporations and foundations to raise funds. Some key fund-raising strategies include email newsletters, tele-calling, events and promoting the organization through our website.

Does Sneha Karma allow me to monitor my contributions?2017-12-04T04:57:26+00:00
  • We believe that all our donors, volunteers and supporters must be informed about Sneha Karma and its activities. This includes information about money raised, spent, disbursed to projects. We declare our financial results to everybody through our Annual Reports and publish our accounts on our website for public viewing.
  • We report on the progress of supported Projects and achievements through Facebook page, Website, Blogs and Newsletters regularly. Details of supported Projects are also available on our website at all times
Why have you not been helping more girls with all the money that you have available ?2017-12-04T04:56:07+00:00
  • The need on the ground is much more than what we as an organization can afford to support.

  • We plan our spend for the next fiscal year (calendar year) based on the fund that we have collected by the end of October in the current year. This ensure that we know the funds that we will need the following year and also plan for incremental expansion.

  • We are careful not to expand the scope of our current programs or roll-out our programs to new sites in year, unless we feel confident that we will be able to meet the financial needs consistently year-after-year. Our programs require that kind of a commitment and we are committed to the girls that we support through our organization.

How do I make a donation by Check / Cheque ?2017-12-02T23:33:45+00:00

In the USA

Make your Cheque Payable to
Sneha Karma Foundation

Mail your Check to
Sneha Karma Foundation
6359 Prospect Rd,
San Jose, CA 95129

For all other Countires (including India)

Please contact us. Please provide information on the country of your residence, so that we an provide you the necessary guidance.

What is the eligiblity criteria for becoming a volunteer ?2017-12-27T15:05:37+00:00

Firstly, Thank you for considering donating your time and Thank you for considering us as a organization where you would like to volunteer.

Every virtual volunteering job that we currently have open, requires a minimum of 4 hours per week of volunteers time. Please review the list of ‘virtual volunteering

Our Onsite volunteering assignment are more time intensive. They require some preparation time and also some dedicated onsite time. we recommend you visit our ‘onsite volunteering‘ page for more details.

It is completely understandable that you might not be able to commit to the minimum time required for virtual volunteering or the dedicated time required for onsite volunteering. We have many other volunteer programs available such as ‘Raise Funds‘ and/or ‘Be Our Ambassador‘ for individuals who might not be in a position to make time commitments and would yet like to contribute to our cause.

If none of these options work for you but you have an idea on how you can help us, please contact us and we will take it from there 🙂

Do the volunteers get paid for their contributions ?2017-11-25T18:10:25+00:00

No. We are ever so grateful to all our volunteers for donating their time and skills to Sneha Karma Foundation.

How do I apply to become a board member ?2017-11-25T17:53:46+00:00

Thank you for your interest in becoming a board member. We are currently not adding any new members to our board but we highly recommend that you become an active member of our volunteer team by applying for one of the available ‘virtual volunteering‘ or ‘onsite volunteering‘ opportunities.

Do the Board Members receive any monetary compensation?2017-11-25T17:53:13+00:00

No. The Board members do not receive any monetary compensation. They are donating their time and skill on a voluntary basis.

What is the cost of the ‘Support-A-Girl’ Program ?2017-12-26T23:59:02+00:00

The cost of our ‘Support-A-Girl’ varies based on 2 factors
1. Age Group of the Girl
2. Location of the Program Site

For Example – For Garbhanga Girls in our Support-A-Girl Program
Generally for Girls under the Age of 15, cost of Support-A-Girl program is Rs. 2000 per Month
For Girls under the age of 18, cost is Rs. 4000 per month and Girls over the age of 18 cost Rs. 5000 per month.

The reason for the difference in the cost is mainly because of the cost of higher studies associated with the older girls.

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